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Dette indlæg er på engelsk. Jeg skifter ikke sprog, men har valgt at skrive det på engelsk, da det har relevans for udenlandske læsere.

This blog is in Danish, but I’ve decided to write this post in English as it mentions a feature that foreign readers of my blog (if they do indeed exist) may find useful.

Google Reader has implemented Google Translate which means that you can make it translate feeds into the language you’re using in Google Reader.

Here’s what you need to do, if you want to subscribe to this blog in your language:

  1. Grab the feed by copying this URL:
  2. Open up Google Reader
  3. Click “Add subscription” above your subscriptions in the left sidebar
  4. Paste the URL above into the text field and click “Add”
  5. Wait for Google Reader to load the feed
  6. Click the “Feed settings”-button (it’s in the top right corner)
  7. Click on “Translate into my language”
  8. Watch the magic happen

There. You are now subscribed to this blog in your own language as Google Automatic translates it. Note that Google Translate isn’t a 100 percent accurate on the Danish languages so there might be some oopsies.

If you need to have something translated that Google messed up I’m happy to help — just email me at lars@larskjensen.dk and I’ll do my best to help.

<End transmission>